Kelly Clarkson Candidly Discusses Her Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Written By Sammy Holland - December 30, 2023
Recently, the 41-year-old star, Kelly Clarkson, shared some personal insights on her health transformation during an episode of her program, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” She revealed a newfound freedom from needing Spanx, attributing it to her weight loss, as reported by Life & Style magazine. In a light-hearted moment during a musical segment of her show, Kelly joked about the studio’s chilly temperature and her shift away from wearing Spanx, comparing them to thermal wear instead.
“The temperature inside this facility is quite chilly. I’ve found that wearing Spanx isn’t necessary for me now; I use them more for their thermal qualities, similar to how one would use insulated clothing.”

This revelation isn’t a solitary instance; Clarkson has been open about her evolving physique throughout the year. For instance, during a November 7th episode featuring Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush, both 41, the conversation turned to past photos. Jenna reflected on her own body image during her college years, prompting Kelly to relate, discussing her own experiences with weight fluctuations.

Kelly also expressed the challenges that come with fluctuating body sizes, especially when it comes to adapting one’s wardrobe. She humorously discussed the difficulties of finding jeans that fit well when you have a curvier lower body but a smaller waist, acknowledging the trivial nature of such problems but also celebrating them as a positive outcome of her weight loss.

The conversation naturally led to curiosity about how Kelly achieved her weight loss. While she hasn’t recently divulged the specifics of her current health regimen, she has previously spoken about her approach to wellness and fitness.

What approach did Kelly Clarkson take to achieve her weight loss?

During a 2020 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” as noted by People magazine, Clarkson talked about her varying fitness routines, including periods of intense kickboxing and times when she preferred to relax and enjoy wine.

Kelly’s significant weight loss journey began in 2018, a topic she discussed with Extra. She credited her success to following the principles of “The Plant Paradox” by Dr. Steven Gundry, which she initially adopted for an autoimmune condition and a thyroid issue. Remarkably, she achieved her results without an intense workout regimen, emphasizing dietary changes instead.

“Due to the insights from this book, I’ve stopped taking medication, the focus is on preparing our meals with organic, non-GMO ingredients, without any pesticides. Surprisingly, I’ve managed this without any exercise!”

In a conversation with Hoda Kotb on the “Today” show, Clarkson emphasized that her dietary changes were primarily motivated by her health conditions rather than a desire to lose weight. She shared that her improved health allowed her to stop taking medication since February of that year.

Addressing speculations in 2019, Clarkson took to Twitter to deny using any weight-loss supplements or following unusual diets. She clarified that her dietary habits remained consistent, with the only changes being the types of flours, sugars, and ingredients used in her food.

In her journey, Clarkson continues to be a voice of authenticity, sharing her personal experiences and challenges, and inspiring many with her approach to health and wellness.