Medicare B "Giveback" Program Could Get You up to $1,782/Year Back in Your Pocket

If you are a Medicare recipient then you need to know the special Part B “Giveback” benefit. This benefit can help millions of Americans receive a boost of up to $1,782 per year! Sadly, many qualified Americans don’t even know that this benefit exists. That is why learning about it now is perfect due to the open enrollment period for Medicare! The Medicare Part B “Giveback” plan, also known as a premium reduction plan is a feature of Medicare Advantage. Not every Medicare Advantage plans offer this benefit, and it isn’t available in all areas. This means individuals who want to qualify will need to confirm they live in an eligible area to receive this reduction
While thousands of seniors qualify to get up to $1,782 in savings, they must claim their giveback program benefits. If you haven’t claimed yours yet, do so before its too late.

What is the Part B Premium Reduction Plan?

This plan is exactly what it sounds like. A person will enroll in the policy they want and the carrier can help with the premium for your outpatient coverage. They can either cover just a portion or the whole premium! Simply put, you can review the section that covers Part B premium buy-down in your summary of benefits. This will show you the amount of reduction you will receive!
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